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Operating principle

Steam systems provide generally a saturated vapour which can generate condensate by heat exchange.

It is thus necessary to obtain a technique of humidification guaranteeing a perfectly dry steam before the injection. It is in this objective that the Armstrong manifolds were created. They guarantee a steam of good quality and provide immediate response and precise control in order to accurately maintain the required relative humidity.

The steam is initially introduced through in line strainer to remove larger solid particles and then fed through a jacketed manifold and dried into the separator chamber. The condensate is evacuated through an inverted bucket trap located under the separator chamber. The steam distributed in the duct is permanently heated, thus avoiding condensation by cooling on its surface. 

Armstrong Series 9000 Manual Armstrong Series 9000 Technical specifications


The humidifier with integral operator, distribution manifold, «Y» type strainer, Armstrong inverted bucket trap is available in 2 controlled models:

  •  Electric model - EM type
  •  Pneumatical model - AM type

Different modulating operators can be adapted on the Armstrong humidifiers.


  •  Hospital
  •  Industry


Pneumatic or electric temperature switch

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