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Operating principle

The EvaPack™ Series efficiently converts water to water vapor using an adiabatic process. Dry air passes through a corrugated bank of wetted cells media made from nonorganic wet fibers. EvaPack™ series uses the sensible air heat to evaporate the water with a high efficiency, minimizing pressure drop. The air is cooled and humidified. EvaPack™ humidifier is easy and fast to install given its compact design with a maximum footprint of 23.6 inches (600mm). The design features easily accessible humidifier cassettes and can also be quickly disassembled for a simplified maintenance.

EvaPack™ Brochure VDI 6022 EvaPack™ Natural & Safe Evaporation - SI Natural & Safe Evaporation - IP


EvaPack™ has been designed to get the highest air/water contact surface (up to 12% more than traditional evaporative humidifiers). The maximal water capacity goes up to 6000 l/h.

  • Direct Water (DW)
  • Recirculated Water (RW)


Evaporative pad adiabatic humidifiers are used when increasing moisture in the air is required, they can be used for the following applications:

  • Industry storage
  • Painting process
  • Food storage
  • Office buildings
  • Data center 
  • Clean rooms
  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Free cooling
  • Adiabatic cooling


Droplet separator

Control pannel

Multiple stage control

Water conductivity senser

Filling water pretreatment by UV lamp

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