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Operating principle

When power is supplied to the unit, the water fill valve opens and it enters the tank. Once the level reaches the low-water switch, the heating elements are energized (assuming there's a call for steam output). The unit continues to fill until the high-water switch is reached. The humidifier then produces steam in response to the humidistat's input signal. Periodic tank drainage is based on active time of the heating elements, but may be field-adjusted to water conditions.

The HumidiClean power module accepts a proportional signal and, in response, pulses power to the heating elements to provide fully modulated output. Steam output is continuously adjusted to satisfy necessary humidity requirements.

HC6000 Brochure


  • Steam production is pure, sterile and free of minerals
  • No risk of bacteria with standard aquastat
  • Steam production from 4.1 to 130 Kg/Hrs
  • Can be worked  with tap, soft, RO and DI water
  • Alpha digital in standard
  • Drived by microprocessor with proportional control
  • Easy maintenance with the system Ionic Bed which reduced the deposit of minerals in the tank and also on the heating elements
  • Password protected programmable keypad 
  • Diagnostic indicating LCD display 
  • Continual checking diagnostic routines 
  • High and low water level detection 
  • Possibility to link Humidiclean to a computer via RS485 


  • Hospital
  • Office building
  • Industries


Blower pack for direct discharge humidification

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