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Operating principle

When power is supplied to the unit, the water fill valve opens and it enters the tank until the high-water switch is reached. The humidifier then produces steam in response to the humidistat's input signal. Steam output is continuously adjusted to satisfy necessary humidity requirements.

RTH Technical Specifications Revit file_rth 50 Revit file_rth 90 Revit file_rth LC Technical Manual RTH 5-50 English Technical Manual RTH 60-100 English Technical Manual RTH-LC 3-30 English


  • Steam production from 5 to 100 kg/h. Master slave up to 600 kg/h.
  • Work with tap, soft, RO and DI water
  • Alpha digital in standard with ON/OFF or proportional control in standard
  • Accept all common modulating signals
  • Self cleaning INCOLOY elements
  • Permanent stainless tank
  • Rocking tank with intermediary position allowing easy maintenance *
  • Cooling cycle before maintenance avoiding loosing time
  • Inlet valve with internal filter 
  • Outlet valve with large orifice for easy scale elimination *
  • Possibility to maintain temperature at 80°C

* Not available for RTH LC Series


  • Hospital
  • Office building
  • Industries


Remote information board - Dry contact

Stainless steel pipe with drain tube or multi dispersion tube

Weather proof cabinet

Blower pack for direct discharge

High level safety humidistat and humidity sensor

Cooling kit of the water to drain

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