Slide DEVATEC ELMC Humidify with The ElectroVap® ELMC humidifier

from 5 to 99 kg/h

Steam production

Cleanable & recyclable


Drain valve 3-way

with integrated cleaning piston

Steam humidifier with electrodes

Electrovap serie ELMC
The ElectroVap® ELMC humidifier
produces sterile steam and is available
in a range from 5 kg/h to 99 kg/h.


This easy-to-use device is suitable for
humidification in ventilation systems or
in the room. Stainless steel electrodes
are immerged in water and energized.
The electric current is established between the electrodes through the water thanks to the minerals it contains, heating it to boiling point.
As the electrical consumption is proportional to the immerged surface of the electrodes, the flow of steam produced is regulated by controlling the water level inside the cylinder.