from 5 to 99 kg/h

Steam production

Cleanable & recyclable


3-way drain valve

with integrated cleaning piston

Steam humidifier with electrodes

Electrovap serie ELMC
The ElectroVap® ELMC humidifier
produces sterile steam and is available
in a range from 5 kg/h to 99 kg/h.


This easy-to-use device is suitable for
humidification in ventilation systems or
in the room. Stainless steel electrodes
are immerged in water and energized.
The electric current is established between the electrodes through the water thanks to the minerals it contains, heating it to boiling point.
As the electrical consumption is proportional to the immerged surface of the electrodes, the flow of steam produced is regulated by controlling the water level inside the cylinder.
Reliable and robust design
Our spare parts are compatible with previous generations of devices.
Digital keypad
This screen displays all the humidifier functions, making it easier for the operator to use and maintain the unit.
The unit continuously monitors its operation through a self-diagnosis. If an anomaly is detected, the unit will first try to solve it. If the problem persists, it will display one of the error messages detailed in the technical documentation.
3-way solenoid drain valve
Specially designed for our humidifiers, it allows the evacuation of scale and its cleaning thanks to its integrated piston. Automatic cooling of the drain water as it passes through the 3-way drain valve.
Electrodes connection
Fast and secure thanks to brass sockets plugged on their ends.
Adjustable flow rate
The ELMC series capacities are adjustable and allow the maximum flow rate to be adapted.
Easy and preventive maintenance
A maintenance period is programmable to trigger preventive maintenance. The removal and inspection of the cylinder is very simple in order to reduce the downtime of the unit.
Cleanable and recyclable cylinder
By cleaning and replacing internal components without changing the cylinder, operating costs are reduced.
Control mode
This series accepts conventional 0-10 V and 4-20 mA control signals from a BMS or directly from a humidity sensor.
Communication modes
The ELMC series incorporates Modbus RTU (RS485) and BACnet MSTP (slave) protocols that allow the user to communicate with the humidifier via the Building Management System (BMS). Everything that is accessible through the humidifier display will be visible on the BMS.