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Operating principle

The ARMSTRONG HumidiPack is a pre-fabricated steam humidifier system that is ready for insertion into the duct. The HumidiPack consists of a separator/header and welded stainless steel multiple tube dispersion assembly which substantially reduces the absorption distance when compared to traditional humidifiers. No o-rings or couplings are required. Each active tube is fitted with a series of nozzle which extend from the center of tube. The nozzles are sized and spaced to accept steam from header and provide a dry and uniform discharge of steam. It can be used with gas and electric steam generating humidifiers, also with live steam (max 4 bars).

It does exist in 3 versions :

  1. HumidiPack for atmospheric steam
  2. HumidiPack CF for pressurized steam
  3. HumidiPack Plus for pressurized steam with steam jacketed active tubes
Humidipack Installation and operation manual


  • The 3 versions are made in welded stainless steel rather than assembled plastic adapters with o-rings, minimizing service requirements.
  • 12 steam dispersion tubes can be connected in maximum to the header.
  • HumidiPack CF includes a steam supply control valve utilizing a parabolic plug design offering immediate response and precise modulation of flow. The control is protected by a steam supply strainer and inverted bucket trap. A float trap will be used to drain the header.
  • With CF version, an internal tube preheats discharge tube to offer better performance.
  • HumidiPack Plus is limited to 4 barg and is supplied with trap for manifolds.
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