up to 6000 l/h

maximum water capacity

VDI 6022 certified

for use in hygienic installations


with osmosis or demineralized water


to measure
evapack open
The EvaPack™ humidifier/cooler converts water into steam through the adiabatic process. Dry air is passed through a moist media consisting of corrugated sheets of non-organic fibers.


The EvaPack™ uses the sensible heat of the air to allow evaporation without any loss or addition of thermal energy. The air is thus cooled and humidified. Thanks to their compact design, EvaPack™ humidifiers are particularly easy to install and maintain.
Armstrong EvaPack™ is a safety humidifier and cooler, which through evaporative process converts potable water into vapor. Cold water below 20°C is used to prevent microorganism proliferation.
Air passes through wetted rigid-media, humidifying and cooling, by using the sensible heat of the air. Similar to a natural process observed above lakes and rivers.
  • No rigidity loss. No fiber loss in the air flow
  • Odor free
  • None harmful substances dispersed in the water or in the air.
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • High efficiency and low pressure drop
  • Certified according to the RoHS Directive;
  • Hygienic : pad is not a nutriment for microorganisms, certified ISO 846 and VDI 6022
  • No absorption distance
  • Customized Design
  • Efficient
  • Optimized water contact surface
Armstrong EvaPack™ is a humidifier and cooler which, through its evaporation process, transforms drinking water into steam. Cold water below 20°C is used to prevent the proliferation of micro-organisms (hygienic application). Air passes through a rigid, wetted medium, humidifying and cooling the environment, using the sensible heat in the air. This is a completely natural process that can be observed above lakes and rivers.